The Whistling Oyster

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The Whistling Oyster  //  est. 1907

The Whistling Oyster was established in 1907 as a tearoom and gift shop. It was originally housed in the 1707 Brooks House, which was moved from Frazier’s Pasture to the land overlooking beautiful Perkins Cove. The charming but often impractical outside dining porch was enclosed and a cocktail lounge and small private function room were added downstairs. The shops were also expanded when two more rooms of the 1707 House were opened.

A tragic fire in early August 1976 destroyed the historic building, leaving only the foundation and the unforgettable name. Work was begun to restore the structure in the early fall of 1976, and the new Whistling Oyster opened nine months later on the same site, designed to be compatible with the character of its neighbors and the environment of the Cove, preserving the tradition of comfortable elegance of which began seventy years earlier.

In the 1980’s, the Whistling Oyster relocated to a renovated lobster trap shed in the heart of Perkins Cove, reviving itself as a classic and unique jewelry and gift shop. It featured Murano glass pieces, exquisite Swiss-Italian wood inlay music boxes, Limoges collectibles, nautical sterling silver and 14 kt gold jewelry.

The newest edition of the Whistling Oyster has undergone a remarkable transition under new owner Debbie Powers of Ogunquit. The charming seaside boutique still offers the enduring items patrons have enjoyed for decades, but has added many new and exciting items that include designer throw pillows, casual and evening handbags, local artwork, fine jewelry and other specialty gifts. Debbie can frequently be found minding the store, so when you’re in the area, stop in to chat and view her inventory.